Hi, I`m Ulrich!

Digital Experience Advisor (DX).
In Search for Digital Excellence!

Facts about Ulrich Franke

Current Position

Managing Director
ACRONYM Europe GmbH, Berlin
Search Agency of the Year –MediaPost

Homebase: Berlin, Germany
Telephone +49 (0)172 9333084
E-Mail: hello@ulrich-franke.com

Master Degree

Business & Media Pedagogics, Journalism & Communication Psychology, 2000 – 2004

Additional Qualifications:
Journalistic Volontariat, 2005
German Wine School (DWS), 2008


Digital Marketing & Consulting
since 2005

Public Relations & Content Creation
since 2001

Audio Productions & Commercials
since 1992


Finished 1.000+ Projects
since 1992

Focused Industries:
High-Tec, Software, Wine, Music, Entertainment, Hospitality & Travel.

About Me

I'm Ulrich, and I've been working in the digital space for more than 20 years. I've helped international brands in high-tech, hospitality, travel, software, wine, music and entertainment sectors achieve success online.

I provide clients with customized solutions that will maximize their ROI in digital marketing. I keep the clients ahead of competition by using cutting-edge strategies like SEO or PPC, Analytics and data-driven Content Marketing.

I speak at events about SEO and digital content strategies. I support marketing departments and online editors with workshops on SEO and data-driven content marketing.

In my free time, I love to travel, to meditate, discover exciting wines and culinary delights.

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